Restless Dreams


Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC

The first details of Mass Effect 3 will be revealed in the next issue of Game Informer magazine, but they’re also all over the internet. If you want an early look at the future adventures of Commander Shepard, just continue reading. Obviously, major spoiler alert!

Here’s what we know…

Tumblir is tumbling down on me….

Just like to say for whoever reads this that i know my tumblir is odd (my url is messed up & perhaps should have chosen a diffrent name) and doesn’t contain many features on it. Why? Well i don’t know how -and don’t want to spend the time- to  custom create my tumblir. Background and default pic is hard to choose too…i do want to change my theme, but all the ones for free are quite boring. I’d want to create my own truthfully but ain’t in the mood for right now. Plus it’s pretty confusing for me to customize in a vast creative way w/ adding kickass features to make my own unique theme. Maybe in the years to come my tumblir will become more interesting. It amazes me how creative certain people are with their own [tumblir].

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 Listen to the above song, Skyward Fire, if you want to delve deep into part of my pyche. It’s from a 1999 game called Unreal Tournament that i love very much. This song takes me to another place, as well as most of the other songs on UT’s ost. My background image is in fact a CTF map called LavaGiant, where this song plays. Quite spacey huh? :*)                       

                                ”Never skip a beat
                                 after hours
                                 never skip a beat
                                trance until you follow
                                step away while you leave
                                never skip a beat
                                drive into the night
                                quite lost but unafraid
                                awake until tomorrow
                                chooning away
                                too deep”


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This song, “Letters”(a version of “Promise”), brings forth sadness and beauty that spur images & feelings of unconditional love for the one person you truly love so deeply that it hurts. What makes it painful is that in the game the protoganist’s wife is dead from the very beginning. So as you could imagine, loving someone so much who is dead is a very sad and painful thing indeed. I love the tragic and sad, yet beautiful, story of SH2. Anyone reading this should give the above song a listen to hear a glimpse into the amazing (and one of my favorite) composers -Akira Yamaoka, and the love story of SH2. Peace.

:Edit: I forgot to mention that this song (for those who never played the game) plays while James, the protagonist, is overlooking Toluca Lake (a fictional Toluca Lake; not the California one) reminiscing about his dead wife, after reading a letter from her….